Grant Opportunities

Walton Family Foundation Start Up Grant

Applicant groups who are planning a charter school in or near the city of Detroit may be eligible for a startup grant from the Walton Family Foundation (WFF). Eligible groups will meet these criteria:

  • Demonstrate strong potential for delivering excellent academic results for K-12 students, as measured by standardized achievement tests;
  • Serve significant low-income student populations (greater than 50%);
  • Not represent a for-profit entity;
  • Have an endorsement from the state-based grant partner (MAPSA and/or Walton);
  • And, draw a majority of its students from Detroit Public Schools (greater than 50%).

"New" schools are eligible for a startup grant through their first year of operation. However, in addition, eligible entities include the following:

  • Schools waiting for authorization as a charter;
  • Newly authorized charters;
  • Schools opening a new, additional campus under an existing charter; or
  • In rare cases, existing schools that are expanding to serve new students with a new program and its own school leader on the same campus.
As Michigan's grant partner to the Walton Family Foundation, MAPSA ensures that applicants are prepared and eligible before moving forward with the startup grant process. Each applicant will be reviewed thoroughly before being provided a referral for the startup grant. Below are the steps and timeline for the fall round of WFF Startup Grants:
  1. Fill out the Walton Family Foundation’s Eligibility Form by clicking HERE.
  2. MAPSA will reply via email with two additional pre-eligibility forms that must be filled out. These forms include a more in-depth questionnaire about your school in addition to performance data for any related schools (i.e. other schools with the same management company, etc.).
  3. Once invited to apply, an eligible applicant will complete the online application, attach all required documentation, and submit the proposal package to MAPSA for review. Below is a list of required documentation:
  • Signature Form
  • Management Team Resumes/Job Descriptions
  • Governing Board Resumes
  • School Business Plan
  • Financial Template
  • Charter Status Documentation
  • 501(c)(3) Documentation
  • School By-Laws and Conflict of Interest Statement
  • Education/Charter Management Contract
  • School Performance Outcomes
  • School Audit
  • Signed Union Contract
  • Facility Contract
  • Human Resources Documentation
  • CMO/Parent Organization Documentation (CMO Business Plan, Network Operating Budget, CMO Audit)
  • Other Documentation as Necessary
Note: Current grantees must be up-to-date on expenditure reporting in order to apply for funding.
  1. The WFF Startup Grant Committee will review all applications and will vote on which applications to invite to interview. MAPSA will notify all applicants on whether they are invited to the interview stage.
  2. It is important that all involved individuals, including board members, hold this date on their calendars. All required individuals must be present at the time of the interview.
  3. The Walton Family Foundation will follow up with each applicant on whether they were funded or not funded following the interviews. (This timeline can vary, depending on what additional documentation that the committee requests to review before they vote.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Becky Carlton at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For additional information about the grant or about WFF, visit the Walton Family Foundation's website by clicking HERE.

The National Charter School Resource Center

The National Charter School Resource Center (Charter School Center) serves as a national center to provide on-demand resources, information, and technical assistance to support successful planning, authorizing, implementation, and sustainability of high-quality charter schools; to share evaluations on the effects of charter schools; and to disseminate information about successful practices in charter schools.

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