Charter School Movement

MAPSA is always looking to hear from people in the charter community! Want to get more involved but not sure how? Below are some ways you can share your voice in support of school choice.

Contact Your Legislators

This is a great way to give feedback or share your story with the lawmakers who represent your community.  Your charter school story is meaningful.  It helps to guide your lawmaker on making decisions around school choice issues, including topics such as how to measure student performance and equitable funding. Here are just a few ways to connect:

Don’t know who your state legislators are? Visit Find my Senator and Find my Representative !

Share Your Story

We love to hear about the successes of charter school students and the impact that school choice has had on families!  And, even more than that, we love to share these stories to serve as inspiration for other families that haven’t yet found the perfect education fit.  We know that choosing the right school is a difficult journey but we also know that when it happens, it truly is life-changing.  Charter schools do MAKE a difference!  And, we applaud you for making a choice!  If you are willing to share how choosing a charter school is making a difference in your child’s life, please email us today!