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Take the Pledge


With a common goal of educating all children in Michigan and holding all public schools accountable for their performance, I pledge to apply the same level of oversight and accountability to our traditional public schools as outlined in Michigan’s charter public school law.


Specifically, I:

  • Agree to support legislation that will focus schools on the need for every child to be reading at grade level, and graduating prepared for college or a career.
  • Agree to support an academic accountability system, an A-F letter grading system that’s easy to understand for parents and respected by educators.
  • Agree to operate under a 5-year performance based contract where any school would be shut down if it does not perform to a level satisfactory to the State Board of Education. (MCL 380.502)
  • Agree that every public school must accept any student who enrolls in that school (subject to enrollment capacity) regardless of where they reside, their academic background and ability, economic status, disability or otherwise.  (MCL 380.504)
  • Agree that no school district should hire anyone with specifically identified family relationships with any member of that district's school board. (MCL 380.503)
  • Agree that the State Board of Education or the local Intermediate School District should be allowed to review and disapprove any contract between any public school and those that it contracts with for educational services, such as substitute teachers, curriculum, etc. (MCL 380.503)
  • Agree that the Superintendent of Public Instruction should automatically close any public school if it has been operating for at least 4 years in the lowest achieving 5 percent of all public schools as defined by the State of Michigan’s Top-to-Bottom list. (MCL 380.507)




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