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Michigan Association of Public School Academies

Our Mission is essential to Michigan’s future.
We will provide leadership to advance quality and promote choice in education through chartered public schools and their supporters, offering every Michigan child an opportunity to learn.

Our three-year Vision...Michigan will be home to a flourishing community of charter schools, providing leadership for change, creating success where failure was/is the norm, and inspiring hope for a better future for all our citizens.

Our Goals will bring growth.

Grow the number of quality charter schools and students served.

  • Continue the trend of increasing total enrollment in charter schools.
  • Ensure the supply of quality charter applicants exceeds the capacity of active authorizers.
  • Grow market share in Flint area, Detroit, and Grand Rapids.
  • Mobilize 5 new community college and intermediate and local school districts to authorize at least 10 new schools.

Grow the movement for choice and charters in Michigan.

  • Secure legislation to lift the cap that limits the university authorizers.
  • Introduce and support bills, amendments and policies that advance support for quality charter schools.
  • Defeat negative bills, amendments, policies and lawsuits that could have negative impact on the advancement of quality charter schools.
  • Increase our network of charter school supporters by 10%.
  • Demonstrate that a majority of citizens support the right to have charter school options.
  • Demonstrate that Michigan’s charter schools are providing a high quality education, increasing student achievement and achieving high standards.